You’re Doing What?!?

Hello world!  …Or just the five or so people I know who may actually read this. Welcome to my blog.

I have started Forever Feeding because, you guessed it, I am forever feeding. I know you probably have visions of grazing cows popping up in your head right now, but bear with me for a few seconds and I will explain. You can call me a foodie or a cooking newbie. Either one applies. However, I like to consider myself more of a “savorist,” a non-word I define as “someone who enjoys experiencing the myriad sensual pleasures of cooking and eating.” I may also be referred to as a rogue chef, if you prefer, as I rarely follow recipes exactly and I have a tendency to give recipes to people that use phrases such as “a little bit,” “just grab a handful,” and “put in as much as you want.” Any way you slice it, I am always looking for new foods to taste and new recipes to try, and I am forever feeding my mind, body, and soul with all things food related.

I have started this blog to share my love of food, cooking, and anything related to the art and enjoyment of eating. Eating isn’t just about basic sustenance for me. Preparing and eating food is a way of life, and learning and discovering new recipes, techniques, and flavors is a daily adventure. While the main point of cooking and eating is to nourish your body, I also think they can nourish your soul. Food can be art, and preparing it a labor of love. From the most basic hamburger to the most temperamental soufflés, I will try anything once—cooking or eating it.

Throughout 2012, I plan to learn new cooking techniques and recipes, educate myself on cooking terms that still seem to baffle me, travel to a few places to taste the local fare, get some of my friends and relatives to cook for me, create some original dishes, and finally figure out how to use all the fun kitchen tools I received at my bridal shower three years ago. I will be posting my own recipes as well as those I have used at home (complete with instructions and photos), explaining things I pick up about cooking, and sharing my daily food adventures. Thanks for sharing my kitchen with me. 🙂



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