Hearty Italian Minestrone

Minestrone with Cheese2

It’s a blustery February afternoon with freezing rain outside as I write this, and I can’t help but believe that a warm, hearty bowl of minestrone would make all of the cold weather blues just go away. This minestrone is warm and flavorful without being too complicated, and it is packed with vegetables, so it makes me feel good about taking second helpings! Continue reading


Pineapple Pork Tacos with Fresh Pico de Gallo

Hawaiian Pork Tacos

Tacos are always a go-to meal for our family when we want all the food groups in a quick dish. I made these up about a year ago when I was trying to find something to do with pork chops I had in my freezer. I figured pineapple would taste good with them, so I went for an island-style dish and added the pico de gallo for some more vegetables and a little saltiness. We ended up with this: Continue reading

Sausage Gravy with Biscuits

Sausage Gravy Side View 2

Gravy. I wouldn’t eat mashed potatoes without it. No, really, gravy has it going on. It makes almost anything taste better (except maybe cupcakes). And what makes gravy even tastier? Loading it with Italian sausage and pouring it over warm biscuits. Biscuits and gravy are one of those meals you can pretty much eat any time of day. And because I am fairly new to this whole cooking thing, I only just recently realized how simple it is to make. Continue reading