Confetti Pasta Salad


One of the biggest challenges to eating healthfully, at least for me, is finding ways to incorporate vegetables into meals without getting stuck with a side plate of raw carrots and dip every night. This pasta salad has the benefit of a TON–well, not literally, but a lot–of vegetables combined with flavorful Italian dressing and feta cheese. Plus, you can easily get this done in less than a half an hour if you cut the veggies while the pasta is cooking. Oh, and did I mention this recipe is also only 5 ingredients? Score! I call this  “confetti” pasta salad because of all of the brightly colored vegetable tidbits, but I could just as easily call it that because it makes we want to throw a party and shout “hurray!” Continue reading


Pepper Steak

Pepper Steak 5

A great love of my life—besides my husband, of course—is Chinese food. I could eat Chinese food every day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Cold or hot.  It doesn’t matter what season.  I even love those cute white containers the food comes in. They are like little presents of deliciousness, just waiting to be opened. That being said, I have been trying for a while to concoct a pepper steak that lives up to my greatest Chinese food fantasies, and I think I have finally done it—or at least gotten pretty darn close!

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